Content Strategy

Ahh, yes, content strategy. Writing’s older, wiser sister.

In an age where we’re all fighting for the top of the Google search results, you can no longer just get by with content for content’s sake.

Everything you write needs to have a purpose. Everything you write needs to have really solid keyword and intent research behind it. Everything you write needs to have its specific place in an extremely thought-out content calendar.

At Content Is Queen, we love planning and plotting with you about how to get the results you need.

Here are a few examples of clients for whom we’ve built a content strategy from the ground up:



In addition to actually creating the content, CIQ helped Restore identify their content needs and goals, created a targeted SEO keyword list to satisfy user intent, and creates strategic monthly content calendars to prepare for the launch of their new site.

CIQ was brought on by e-commerce giant Volusion to offer SEO consulting and to help rebuild their content strategy. Taking a hammer to their existing content, CIQ has been helping Volusion plan and build a new strategy on a more solid foundation of high-quality writing and SEO best practices.

CIQ partnered with Austin, TX real estate company Houndstooth Cash Buyers with the mission of turning them into a local thought leader in the real estate space. Through SEO consulting and planning a thorough content strategy, CIQ is helping Houndstooth become the go-to real estate cash buyers in the Greater Austin area.