Over the past few years, podcasts have gone from addictive true crime shows we listen to on road trips to one of the biggest secret weapons a content marketer can have in their armory to establish their company as a thought leader and authority in its industry, as well as to nurture trust and loyalty in its customers.

Did you know Google has officially started including podcast episodes in search results? Audio in SEO is heating up more and more every day. The time for investing in a podcast for your brand or company is yesterday, but right now is a close second place.

Our founder brings 5 years of podcast experience to Content Is Queen. Since 2014, Krista has been creating, hosting, and producing shows of her own and has seen the value each and every time.

Podcasts previously produced by our founder:

Best of Friends Podcast, Co-Creator & Co-Host (2014-2016) – Los Angeles, CA

Best of Friends Podcast was a weekly podcast created, hosted, and produced by Krista, along with Los Angeles comedy writers Jamie Woodham and Erin Mallory Long. Week after week, they guided their 10,000 listeners through an episode of Friends and how it related to life, love, and friendships for present day 20-somethings. Best of Friends Podcast was picked up by Headgum Podcast Network in 2015.

Holy Swift Podcast, Co-Creator & Co-Host (2016 – Present) – Austin, TX

Holy Swift is a weekly podcast where Krista, along with her two co-hosts Jessica Zaleski and Kelly Doyle, dissect Taylor Swift’s discography song-by-song and talk with their 5,000 listeners about all things pop culture, media, and relationships.

Holy Swift Podcast was syndicated on Wizard Radio UK in 2018.

AceableAgent Podcast (Pilot Episode), Co-Creator & Co-Host (2017) – Austin, TX

In 2017, Krista co-created and produced the pilot episode of AceableAgent’s podcast for real estate agents in Texas. Producing this episode entailed writing a production script, interview questions, and securing on-air interview talent.

Content Is Queen Podcast, Creator, Host, & Producer (2019 – Present) – Austin, TX

Content Is Queen Podcast

Content Is Queen Podcast was born from our founder Krista’s desire to highlight female content creators across a variety of industries and is a series of conversations with women who create content for media, television, tech, and publishing.

Season 1 is currently in production and will be released Spring 2019 ☀️